How To Tell If A Guppy Is Male Or Female? 6 Things To Look At

If you have a great enthusiasm for aquarium fishes that are beautiful and eye-soothing, then you must want to know more and more about them, right? And that’s why questions like, “how to tell if a guppy is male or female?” comes in the internet forums.

Well, if you want to separate the gender of a guppy fish, you have to look closely at its body. Look at an aquarium of guppy fish. Their structure and color differences will appear.

Color differences are the most common way to tell if a guppy fish is male or female. Male guppies are colorful and vibrant, while female ones are of pale colors.

Another easy way to find it out is to look at the size of this fish. If it’s big and round, it is a female guppy. On the other hand, if it is small and sharp, then it is a male guppy.

To know more about this topic, read on!

Let’s See The Differences Between A Male And Female Guppy At A Glance:

For your convenience, I’m going to let you know the characteristics of a male and a female guppy through a chart:

Properties Male Guppy Female Guppy
Body Shape and Size 3 cm long body 6 cm long body
Color Vibrant colors and elaborated pattern Usually don’t have colors on the body except for tails
Gravid Spot Not available on male guppies Seen on their body when they are pregnant
Sexual Organs Ghana podium in the middle of their body No Ghana podium can be seen
Anal fins Very sharp and small in shape  Huge and round in shape  
Dorsal fins They have large dorsal fins They have short dorsal fins
Caudal Fins or Tails Wide and long tail with bright colors Short and narrow with faded colors

Classification of Guppy Fish

Here is the scientific classification of Guppy fish to give you some extra knowledge about this aquarium fish:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Sub-Phylum: Vertebrata
  • Super Class: Gnathostomata
  • Class: Actinopterygii
  • Oder: Cyprinodontiformes
  • Family: Poeciliidae
  • Genus: Poecilia
  • Species: Poecilia reticulata

6 Preliminary Things to Notice to Figure out a Guppy’s Gender

As you can notice, the guppy is a colorful fish with an attractive body structure. But did you know you can genderize these fishes by differentiating their colors, body parts, and structure? Yes, you can.

How To Tell If A Guppy Is Male Or Female 6 Things To Look At

There are some basic differences between male and female guppy fish. If you find out these differences, then you will easily be able to identify the gender of the fish. Here we go:

1. Anal fins:

If you look at a male guppy, you will see the anal fin of this one is very sharp but small in shape. Also, the anal fin of a male guppy contains a little stick.

Note: Males use their anal fins to transfer sperm into the female.

Now, if you look at a female guppy fish, you will see the anal fin of this one is very large and round.

2. Dorsal fins:

Male guppies have large dorsal fins in the middle of their body, which flow when they swim around.

On the other hand, female guppies have shorter, round dorsal fins that do not flow when swimming.

3. Caudal Fins or Tails:

The male guppies have wide and long caudal fins, known as tails. Their tails contain bright colors with defined patterns.

Whereas, the female guppies have short caudal fins compared to males. And their tails are not as broad as the males.

4. Color:

colors of Male Guppy and Female Guppy

Male guppies are likelier to have variant colors on their body. Even their color is vibrant and brighter than their opposite genders. The patterns on their tails are also variant.

But the female guppy has less color variation than the male ones. They usually don’t have colors on their body except for their tails.

Note: Male guppies use bright colors to attract female guppies for mating.

5. Body Shape and Size:

The shape of a male guppy is slender, and they have shorter bodies than female ones. Their bodies can grow up to 3 cm long.

However, if you look at a female guppy, you will see they have a large and rounded body shape. And their bodies can grow up to 6 cm long.

5. Gravid Spot:

When the female guppies are pregnant, a black and dark spot becomes apparent on the underside of their body. You can see this spot on the back of their belly. But the male guppies never have a black gravid spot on their body in their life cycle.

6. Sexual Organs:

If you look closely at a male guppy fish’s body, you will see its sexual organ right in the middle of its body. And this sexual organ is called Ghana Podium. But the female guppies don’t have Ghana Podium on their bodies.

Common Characteristics of a Ray-finned Fish

You may know that guppy is a ray-finned fish and the most vital characteristic of such fish is that they live in freshwater.

They are especially suitable to live in the aquarium. Some general characteristics of ray-finned fish are:

  • Widely kept in aquariums
  • Freshwater fish
  • Found in the region of South America and the West Indies
  • It belongs to the class Actinopterygii, and it is a sub-class of boned fishes
  • It covers 50% of living vertebrate species
  • The fins of this fish are homocercal
  • They have a swim bladder to keep themselves stable in the water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some mostly asked questions related to this topic you should know are as follows:

What Color Are Male Guppies?

The male guppy has a variant and vibrant collection of colors on their whole body, especially on their tails. Male guppies come in red, orange, violet, black, green, and white colors with elaborate patterns.

What Color Are Female Guppies?

Female guppies are more likely to have gray or silver-colored fins. They usually don’t have bright colors on their body. Also, they have less elaborated patterns on their bodies.

Can I Keep Male and Female Guppies Together?

You can keep male and female guppies together. Because they can reproduce new fish. But, to keep them happy, you should make some hiding places in the aquarium. Also, make sure you keep more female fish and fewer male fish.

Final Words

Well, that’s all there’s to it, people. I hope that now you can tell the gender of a guppy fish by looking at its body and characteristics. If you want to genderize them, then all you have to do is simply match the characteristics of the specific gender mentioned above.

I am sure I have satisfied your query on, how to tell if a guppy is male or female. So if you want to separate the guppy fish according to their gender, you can easily do it and put both genders together in an aquarium.

Thank you so much for putting lots of time and effort into reading it. You guys are the bee’s knees and peace out!!!

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