Ceramic Rings In Aquarium (Everything You Need To Know)

Are you using your aquarium without putting any ceramic rings inside it? If you are doing so, it is high time you put some ceramic rings in your aquarium. But why? Because the fish inside the aquarium won’t be able to survive for long.

That means that ceramic rings in aquariums play an essential role in making your aquariums habitable for the fish.

Remember, ceramic rings work as a bio-media in the aquarium by helping to maintain the nitrogen cycle. The nitrogen cycle is mainly vital to keep the aquarium free from ammonia and other toxic chemicals.

Now, there won’t be any performance of the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium without beneficial bacteria. And this is where the ceramic rings come into play. They help in letting the beneficial bacteria grow in the aquarium.

Being a nature lover, you obviously won’t want the fish in your aquarium to suffer. That is why you must know everything about using ceramic rings in detail.

So, are you ready to enlighten your knowledge about ceramic rings? If yes, then hang around me till the very end of this article.

Here we go!

Why Does An Aquarium Need Ceramic Rings? (Explained)

There are aquariums where you will not see any ceramic rings. On the other hand, you will see aquariums overloaded with ceramic rings. Now, these two scenarios might have made you confused about whether to use ceramic rings or not.

Why Does An Aquarium Need Ceramic Rings (Explained)

So, this is to let you know that it is vital for every aquarium to maintain the nitrogen cycle. And without ceramic rings, there will be an imbalance.

That’s why, even if you have seen an aquarium without ceramic rings, it is best not to follow them. Because there are still many people who use aquariums without following proper rules.

As you’ve already known, ceramic rings help maintain the nitrogen cycle. But how do they do it? The answer is simple. These rings trap the beneficial bacteria inside the aquarium and let them stay to balance the nitrogen cycle. That means they are home to useful bacteria, which are vital for making a healthy environment for the fish.

Appropriate Places To Put The Ceramic Rings

You just can’t place the ceramic rings anywhere you want. If you wish these ceramic rings to work best, place them inside the filter. Many aquarium filters come with ceramic rings. However, if your filter doesn’t have this feature, you can put ceramic rings inside the filter by following the DIY method.

Appropriate Places To Put Ceramic Rings in Aquarium

In addition to that, you can also place ceramic rings on the gravel bed of the aquarium. Sometimes, it is seen that there is not enough space to put ceramic rings inside the filter. It is why, as an alternative method, placing the rings on the gravel bed is recommended.

Though it might not be as useful as placing rings inside the filter, it will still attract beneficial bacteria and help maintain the nitrogen cycle.

What Are The Process Of Placing Ceramic Rings?

I’ve already discussed what the best suitable places to put ceramic rings are. Now, it is time to know the proper processes of placing the rings. The methods are mentioned below:

Placing Ceramic Rings Inside The Filter

This process is straightforward, and all you need to do is just follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Wash The Rings:

Before you place the ceramic rings inside the aquarium filter, it is important to rinse the rings with dechlorinated water. Otherwise, the dirt from them will make the clean aquarium water cloudy.

Step 2: Take Out The Filter:

Take the filter out of the aquarium and place the rings above the sponge. It is essential to keep the rings above the sponge so that the water gets to the rings after being filtrated through the sponge.
Remember, if you place the rings below the sponge, the unfiltered water containing fish, dirt, and food will block the ceramic rings.

Step 3: Place The Filter Back:

After you put the ceramic rings inside the filter, place the filter inside the aquarium.

The processes are too simple, right? As you have already learned the process, you can easily place the ceramic rings inside the aquarium yourself.

Placing Ceramic Rings Inside The Water Tank

This process is more accessible than placing the ceramic rings inside the filter. All you have to do is put the ceramic rings inside a nylon mesh bag and place the bag in an area of fast water flow.

Again, do not forget to wash the rings before you put them inside the water tank.

Placing Ceramic Rings Inside The Water Tank

How To Clean Ceramic Rings?

The best thing about ceramic rings is that they are washable and reusable. So, cleaning the rings every time you change your aquarium’s water is best. The process is relatively easy.  You can just wash them by swishing them inside the siphon tank water.

The process will become much easier if you choose to keep the rings inside a mesh bag and wash them together. This way, you do not have to clean the rings individually and can save time.

Also, bear in mind that you might be unable to remove all the dirt at the first wash. So, you can repeat the cleaning process to remove the dirt.

Note: Do not try to make the ceramic rings white as they were before. If you keep washing them for a longer period of time, you might kill the beneficial bacteria clinging to the rings.

When To Replace Ceramic Rings?

Ceramic rings are reusable after washing, but you should replace them with new ones after using them for a certain period. But, how to know when it is time to replace the rings? Well, the method is simple. You just need to do two things.

When To Replace Ceramic Rings

First off, you have to take the rings out of the aquarium. After you take them out, check whether the rings are rough or smooth. If they are rough, there is no need to replace them.

However, if you find them smooth, it is high time you replace the rings. Because the beneficial bacteria cannot cling to a ceramic ring with a smooth surface.

How To Replace Ceramic Rings?

The replacement process is also easy. But you should not make the mistake of replacing all the ceramic rings once at a time. That means you should keep half of the old rings inside the filter and replace the other half with the new ones.

Now, you might think, why not lessen the hassle by replacing them all at once? Well, if you replace all the rings at once, the water tank will be left with no beneficial bacteria. So, if you replace half of them and keep the old ones, the old bacteria will maintain the balance while the new rings attract bacteria.

So, it is best to wait until new bacteria grow on the new ceramic rings. Once new bacteria colonize in the new rings, you can replace the other half.

Note: It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the new beneficial bacteria to grow on the rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, I’m going to let you know some of the frequently asked questions coming up in the internet forums related to this topic.

How Long Do Ceramic Rings Last?

A ceramic ring usually lasts 1-2 years if proper care is taken. The longevity of the rings basically depends on how you are using them. That means they can last less than a year if they wear out due to a lack of proper care.

How Many Ceramic Rings Does an Aquarium Need?

There is no limit to using ceramic rings. The more, the merrier. It is best to use as many ceramic rings as the filter can hold up.

How Often Do You Change Ceramic Rings in The Aquarium?

Most ceramic manufacturer companies recommend replacing ceramic rings once every 6 months.

Do Ceramic Rings Conduct Electricity?

A ceramic ring is actually a non-metallic product, so it does not conduct electricity. Hence, an aquarium having ceramic rings is totally safe for the fish.

Do Ceramic Rings Rust in Water?

Ceramic rings are usually scratch resistant and have high durability characteristics. Moreover, the materials that are used to manufacture ceramic rings are rust-free.


Well, that’s all there’s to it, people. Now that you’ve got an in-depth idea of ceramic rings in aquariums. I hope you can now understand how important it is to use ceramic rings in the aquarium. If your aquarium does not have ceramic rings, you can place them by following the easy methods mentioned above in this blog post.

I am sure I have provided all the basic information that one should know about ceramic rings. You will be left with zero queries after reading this article.

Thank you so much for sticking around me till the end of this post. You guys are the bee’s knees!!

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