How to Care for Goldfish in a Bowl?

Many people love to have goldfish as pets because they are the most resilient and easy to maintain. Yet, a common question that bugs many people is, “How to care for Goldfish in a bowl?”

The maintenance process is critical since if you don’t look after these adorable creatures, they might get sick or even die. Maintaining the oxygen levels, getting the right bowl size, and even plantation are some ways you can care for and maintain your goldfish.

Want to know how to keep your goldfish alive and swimming? Keep reading till the end.

How to Care for Goldfish in a Bowl? In-Detail Explanation

Maintaining goldfish in a bowl can be a challenge; however, knowing the ins and outs would surely get you covered. So, here in this section, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of how you can proceed.

How to Care for Goldfish in a Bowl In-Detail Explanation

Always Pick the Right Bowl Size

Bowl size depends on how many gold fishes you have in the bowl. If you have one goldfish, you can buy any balloon bowl with wide open mouths for oxygen.

If you have two or more, you must consider needing a giant bowl where your fishes can swim freely. But, do keep in mind that the moment they start growing, they would require a bigger bowl

A rule of thumb is that goldfishes need 75 liters (20 gallons) of water along with a healthy living space. However, if you think it is impossible to maintain such a big bowl for gold fishes with 20 gallons of water, then it’s advisable to keep adding 1 gallon of water for each fish in a bowl.

Correct Oxygen Level

Oxygen level depends on the number of goldfishes you have. If you 1 fish in a bowl, there’s no need for external oxygen support. But, having more than one fish that too in a smaller bowl can lead to health issues due to oxygen insufficiency.

In such a case, adding an air pump is essential in the bowl that creates air bubbles agitating the water surface, making oxygen in the bowl.

It’s always recommended that you must buy a wider bowl instead of longer bowls as it holds a maximum amount of water surface that contains more oxygen.

Experts’ Tip: A sufficient surface area is also required, or else it will suffocate your fish. So, if you have a classic bubble shape bowl for goldfish, avoid filling it up to the top because it doesn’t provide the required surface area.


Plants make your fish bowl beautiful; goldfishes love them as they can hide and swim around the plants. However, do remember that fake plants are a big no-no, as the plastic can be life-threatening for your delicate fish.

Plantation for gold fish

Real plantations can also improve your fish bowl conditions by absorbing fish waste and harmful gases that will extend the life of your fish.

Using java fern can be ideal, as they are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. Another benefit to aquatic plants is that they provide natural oxygen that keeps the fish healthy and firm.

Timely Feed Your Fish

Feeding your goldfish is not as easy as it seems. You need to give a mixture of plants and animal-based foods as they are omnivorous.

And this is what many goldfish owners lack! They tend to give their fishes with only one type of food. This makes the fish less interested in the food and they tend to expire due to nutrients.

Therefore, you must give them a variety of food to help them boost their immune system and maintain a balanced diet. Plus, plants are also the primary food that fish needs, but you must know that certain plants, such as bettas, can kill goldfishes.

So, what would you feed your goldfish then?

Blood Worms and tubifex worms are the best options you can give to your goldfish frequently. You can also add algae plants with it as goldfish love this combination.

Moreover, these foods are processed with a frozen, dry, live supplement, and even freeze-dried, so you are never out of options.

Experts’ Note: Goldfish are opportunistic scavengers, and they’ll eat food even if they are not hungry. So, it’s best to feed them 2 to 3 times each day. Otherwise, it can make your fish sick and lead to the swim bladder and constipation.

Avoid Changing Water

We aren’t encouraging you not to clean the water; instead, don’t completely change the water! There is a chance that your goldfish can die due to this change due to water composition change. And goldfish are not used to such environmental shifts.

How to Clean a Goldfish Bowl?

To maintain a healthy life for your goldfish, you must clean the goldfish bowl on a regular basis. So, here in this section, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide by which you can keep your goldfish bowl shining.

How to Clean a Goldfish Bowl

Step-1: Remove the fish

Before starting the process, remove the goldfish from the bowl and keep them in a safe place or container.

Step 2: Pour out the water

Around 75% or half of the water should be removed from the bowl and changed with clean water. But make sure you never entirely change the water.

Step 3: Clean the bowl

Scrub the bowl if it’s dirty to remove the algae. You can rub it with a piece of rug, but we highly recommend that you avoid cleaning agents or detergent.

Step-4: Add chlorinator and refill the bowl

You must ensure that water is chlorine-free by pouring some drops of chlorinator into the water. Then refill the bowl with chlorine-free fresh water and ensure the water temperature is similar to the previous one where you kept the fish.

Step 5: Pour the fish into the bowl

After checking the temperature, put the fish back into the clean bowl one by one (if you have more than one goldfish).

Experts’ Note: You can also buy aquarium salt made from seawater evaporation to keep your goldfish healthy. However, if your goldfish bowl has an algae issue, use hydrogen peroxide after cleaning the bowl.

It will sterilize the water, requiring 24 hours to decompose in water, releasing water and hydrogen.


Pets require care, so here we have mentioned some guides to help you take care of your goldfish.

Can I Use Tap Water in A Fish Bowl or Tank?

It depends if the tap water is acidic or alkaline, then you cant use tap water for watering the fish bowl. If you continue using tap water, eventually, your goldfish will die. However, you must buy a solution containing proper nutrients and minerals to keep your goldfish safe.

Do Goldfishes Require Light at Night?

Fishes don’t have eyelids. You must establish a night and day cycle for them to relax in darkness.

Around eight hours of sleep are required, or they suffer from lack of sleep. So, it’s better to switch off the lights for at least eight hours when you sleep so they can rest too.

How to Tell if Goldfish Are Happy or Not?

If your goldfish is not swimming, hanging, or laying on the bottom, it’s not happy or might be sick. Fishes indicate their happiness by swimming actively in the tank or bowl.

And if you notice that fish is floating on the top of the bowl or behind the ornaments, that means they are hungry, and you must feed them immediately. 

Bottom Line

How to care for goldfish in a bowl? According to this article, it is effortless if you follow the technique. We have mentioned every possible way your goldfish keeps healthy and survives in the bowl water. To make your goldfish happy, you must change the water regularly.

However, we recommend that as the goldfish grow, you buy a fish tank as it can give more space and easily install a filter for oxygen. Also, you can transfer the live plants into the tank.

Meta Description: Discover how to care for goldfish in a bowl and know all the nuts and bolts of how you can maintain a clean and safe fish bowl.

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