How Often to Clean Betta Fish Tank?

Betta fish is pretty popular among those who want to pet fish, and it’s not necessary to have them inside an aquarium. But cleanliness is something you can’t skip here, and you have to keep the fish tank neat and clean to ensure your betta fishes survive.

How often to clean a Betta fish tank depends on many factors. For instance, the total number of fish, the types of decorative items, how clean the water is, etc. The usual time you need to follow revolves around one or two weeks. That means it would be okay to clean your Betta fish tank once a week or two.

The article will let you know the timings to clean a Betta fish tank and how to do that stepwise.

How Often to Clean Betta Fish Tank? : A Complete Guideline

How Often to Clean Betta Fish Tank A Complete Guideline

When the aquarium or fish tank has water itself, why does it require cleaning? The answer is simple; the food particles, excretory from fish, and decorative items make the tank filthy after a while.

So, the fish inside won’t get enough oxygen unless you clean the tank.

Suppose you have a fish tank with only 2-4 Betta fishes; you will see that there is nearly no dirt even after a week. This is because Betta fishes don’t make the tank dirty too often.

However, if your fish tank is already small and has plenty of Betta fish, you must clean it at least once a week. Otherwise, the environment inside won’t be good enough for the fish to survive.

The cleaning time will vary depending on another situation. For example, the surfaces can get even dirtier if the tank has other fish besides Betta. So, you may need to clean it twice a week even if it seems boring!

Cleanliness doesn’t mean cleaning the tank surface; you should change the water often. You can change the tank water on alternate days because the fishes need clean water to inhale the required oxygen.

Breathing in the old water for quite a long time is impossible. However, if you have a water filter attached to the fish tank, things can get simpler. With this water filter, you won’t have to change the water pretty often.

Experts’ Tip: You must clean the tank if you see growing moss all over the tank. Moss will grow where there is humidity and living things around. You can’t let moss grow on the tank because it’s a parasite and can make your Betta fish sick.

How to Clean a Betta Fish Tank? A Step-By-Step Process

Cleaning your Betta fish tank is not at all a hectic job. If you know the ins and outs, then you can carry out the cleaning process in just a flash. Here’s how you can proceed.

How to Clean a Betta Fish Tank - A Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Prepare the Cleaning Water

First of all, you have to prepare the cleaning liquid for the fish tank. You may need to add some chemicals, of course mild, to the water. You can also use natural cleansing items like vinegar, but an organic buffer solution will be better.

So, mix it with the water in the correct proportion to prepare a good cleaning agent.

Step 2: Gather the Needed Tools

Cleaning a fish tank with Betta fish is not costly and doesn’t require many tools. You can collect some basic cleaning tools, especially those that are not harsh on the surface.

Brushes and bristles can both be an ideal pick for this job.

Step 3: Shift the Fish to Another Container

You can’t clean a tank with the fish inside, so you have to shift them into another container. If you buy a package with a fish tank, you will have separate containers.

You have to shift the fish from the tank in there before you start cleaning. If the other tank has any decorative items, including plants, you must remove them too.

Step 4: Clean the Tank

  • Clean the tank with either soap water or the previously prepared solution (In step 1).
  • Rub the filthy areas with brushes or bristles, but ensure you don’t put too much pressure as it can leave scratches.
  • Where the stains or moss are not stubborn, you can clean them with a damp cloth.
  • After cleaning the moss and stains, you must thoroughly clean it with clean water.

Experts’ Note: Ensure no soap or cleaning agent substance is left. You can also add some algae eaters if you see any algae growth in your tank.


Here we’ve answered the most common questions that most Betta fish owners have regarding the fish tank cleaning process.

How Long Can You Go without Cleaning a Big Aquarium?

You don’t need to clean it often if you have a big fish tank of 19-20 liters with Betta fish. It would be good enough if you give the tank a complete wash in 6 to 8 months.

How Often Should You Change the Betta Fish Water?

You can change the water from the Betta tank every 7-10 days if the fishes inside are medium-sized. Please don’t be late than the mentioned time as it won’t be good.

Can I Do a Full Water Change for My Betta Fish?

You can have a complete water change in the Betta fish container, but make sure you proceed slowly. You must pour the water slowly, so it doesn’t bother the fish inside.

Bottom Line

At last, you can say there is no specific time interval to change the water or wash the fish tank. So, how often to clean Betta fish tank depends on your situation and scope.

However, to keep your Betta fish healthy, make sure you follow the tank cleaning process mentioned above. The cleaner your tank is, the happiest your Betta fish will be!

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