How Do You Know If Your Fish Is Happy In Your Aquarium

Most aquarium hobbyists like to keep their fish safe, healthy, and happy. But it’s tough to know whether the fish is happy or unhappy. How do you know if your fish is happy? Is there any way to learn to be sure? Well, we have collected the answers for you below:

If you find your fish doing the following activities regularly, be sure about their happiness.

  • Happy fishes swim actively throughout the aquarium
  • They always take enough food
  • Healthy fish don’t have any spots on their faces
  • Continuously flex their gills to receive food, oxygen, and water
  • Happy fish have bright colors and glowing scales
  • They play, swim, and regularly interact with other fish.

Now you know the physical signs exemplifying your fish is either happy or healthy. Let’s look more closely at those signs of healthy fish in detail. You will also find the symptoms of fish sorrow, illness, and stress here.

How Do You Know If Your Fish Is Happy In The Fish Tank?

There are some signs of healthy and happy fish in the aquarium. If you always find your fish doing those tasks, be sure about their health and happiness.  Following are the most usual and  natural fish activities :

how do you know if your fish is happy

Swimming Energetically

The first and most important sign of a healthy fish is active swimming. Healthy and happy fishes always swim around the tank. If they like the aquatic environment of your aquarium, they will wander into each corner of your fish tanks.

Besides, happy fishes float mainly in the middle of the aquarium. In addition, unhealthy and unhappy fish swim lifelessly near the tank’s surface.

They also always remain dormant in the bottom of the tank. These are signs of sick and stressed fish.

Eating Regularly

Healthy fish eat food regularly. It’s a good sign if you see your fish need food daily or after a regular interval. On the other hand, unhealthy and unhappy fish do not eat regularly or eat very little.

However, sometimes, fish may not take food for the wrong or unfamiliar taste of the food. So fish lovers should try different foods for their fish. It will bring an outstanding result to your aquarium.

Standard Breathing

All fish need to breathe regularly like other creatures. They need plenty of oxygen for their growth and healthy life. Suppose you see your fish is regularly taking oxygen by extending and contracting its gills consistently.

In that case, the fish is likely healthy and happy in the aquatic environment in your fish tank. Otherwise, unhealthy fish struggle to breathe and expand their gills but contract slowly.

That means unhappy fish breathing and gills opening-closing has no sequence.

Healthy Looking

Appearance is the mirror of happiness. The physical appearance of your fish will tell you whether they are happy or unhappy. It is another signifying sign of healthy and happy fish.

Healthy Looking Aquarium Fish

A bright appearance with glowing scales is the most critical sign of a healthy fish.

But unhealthy fish have blemishes or spots on its body; they also have ragged or torn fins and bulging eyes. If you see anything like in your fish, be sure they are not happy in your tank.

So it is clear that the bright scales, intact fins, and glowing appearance ensure your fish’s happiness.

Interact Effectively

Happy fishes constantly interact effectively with their mates and other fish. If you find your fish is socializing spontaneously with other fish and species in the aquarium, be sure about their happiness.

On the other hand, any sign of aggression and demonstration indicates their unhappiness in the aquatic environment.

Some aquarium fish are naturally aggressive in some cases, but there is no need to be worried until they harm the other fish in the tank.

Signs Of A Stressed Fish

The fish that is stressed in your fish tank is not happy or fit. Following are the most common symptoms of a stressed fish:

  • regularly  hiding in the corners of the aquarium for a long time
  • consistently darting or flitting around the aquarium
  • timing with other fish
  • furiously swimming  around the fish tank
  • crashing their body with either the bottom of the tank or walls
  • frequently Gasping near the surface of the tank for air
  • not taking their diet regularly or not eating enough
  • lay on the floor of the tank dormant and scraps against the plants of the aquarium 
  • lifelessly sailing at the surface of the tank
  • aggressively attacking other fishes in the aquarium.

How to Keep Your Aquarium Fish Happy?

How to Keep Your Aquarium Fish Happy

Every tropical fish lover always wants to see their fish healthy and happy. But they don’t know how to treat the fish to make them happy.

To ensure your fish’s happiness in your fish tank, do the below things regularly:

Clean the Tank Regularly

Cleanliness belongs to happiness. A clean aquarium with freshwater will satisfy any aquarium species. Fish are not exceptional; they also like to live in clean and clear water.

Else no creature likes to swim in the toxic and dirty water. You can change your tank water partially ( 15-10%) every week or after a week to keep the water clean.

It is the most crucial and primary thing to make your fish happy.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Fish also need enough light and air to survive like the other living beings of the world. Natural sunlight presence is vital for the fish. 

Try to provide enough light for at least  12 hours in a day. This will give photosynthetic energy to the fish and aquarium plants.

Maintain Proper Water Temperature

Water temperature is very important for the fish,  for their healthy and happy life.

So, always try to maintain a suitable temperature and PH of the aquarium water. Check your tank water filters regularly to keep the water clean.

Provide Enough and Proper  Food

Food is essential for any living being. So to make your fish delighted and healthy, you must provide enough and the right food regularly. 

But never give more food than they need. That will make some trash in the tank.

Never Overstock the Aquarium

An overpopulated aquarium increases the chance of fish stress, illness, and death. You have to ensure enough space to swim the fish in the tank and move around the tank freely.

So always be careful about the number of fish in the tank. One fish of almost two to four centimeters tall per gallon of water is standard for the aquarium.


In this segment of the article, let’s know some interesting things about aquarium fish.

Why Do Your Fish Stare at You?

The exciting thing is that the fish understands your presence when you give them food. So when you go near the aquarium, they stare at you and wait for the food.

Even they come closer to the surface of the glass when they realize your presence.

 Do Fish Love Their Owners?

Fish are more intelligent than you think.  Researchers found that fish realize themselves and their owners’ presence.

Swimming or coming near the glass of the aquarium when you go towards  the aquarium is an indication of love and a sign they know who gave them food and care. Even your fish may kiss your hand when you clean the tank.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it can be said that determining fish happiness is a little tricky.  But if you get your fish healthy and jolly, then be sure they are happy. So to ensure your aquarium’s happiness, fish prioritize their health.

When you find your fish swims actively, eats enough food, expands their gills regularly, always moves their fins, and interacts well with other species of the tank, you can assume they are happy. And that’s all of our writing on; how do you know if your fish is happy?

We hope you enjoyed this article, which will help you with the information included here. Love life and enjoy life.

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