Do Shrimp Eat Phytoplankton? – Learn All The Food Habit Of Shrimp To Pet

The unique food habit of shrimp is that it eats what comes towards them. If it fits in their shrimp mouth, then the shrimp start swallowing it.

But the question is, do shrimp eat phytoplankton? It can be any living creature like animals, plants, or any waste that comes from fish. Hence, shrimp eats phytoplankton. Nonetheless, phytoplankton is a tiny plant that floats; most importantly, it is a one-celled plant.

So, shrimp cannot individually detect tiny phytoplankton when they are surfing over the water. But when phytoplankton forms a group and becomes significant in size, they become shrimp’s food.

Let’s know some other facts regarding the shrimp’s food with the answer to do shrimp eat phytoplankton, which will help you find the actual caring process.

Do Shrimp Eat Phytoplankton? – All The Maintenance Of Shrimp Food

Shrimp are excellent animals for all types of water reservoirs, whether ocean or aquarium. They can rely on any kind of food, and phytoplankton is one. It cleans the water by eating the plants and other wastes.

Do Shrimp Eat Phytoplankton

However, when individual phytoplankton combines and forms a group, shrimp intake the bunch as their food.

Nutritional Value Of Phytoplankton For Shrimp

The tiny plant phytoplankton is the basic source of various nutrients that helps the shrimp survive.

Nutritional Value Of Phytoplankton For Shrimp

However, some of the vital benefits of phytoplankton that shrimps require in their life cycle are-

  1. Phytoplankton is an excellent source of Omega-3 and other fatty acids.
  2. Above 50% of the oxygen in the sea comes from phytoplankton.
  3. Phytoplankton consists of two types of amino acids majorly. One is phenylalanine, and the other is proline. It helps the shrimp stomach to break down the foods they intake and enrich the growth of the body cells and tissues.
  4. Again the prime source of magnesium for shrimp is phytoplankton.

From the above points, we can understand how vital phytoplankton is for a shrimp’s entire lifecycle.

How To Produce Phytoplankton In An Aquarium?

Providing proper food to the shrimp is essential if you keep them in an aquarium. Though you can offer commercial foods to the shrimp, it is not as effective as natural ones.

Generally, shrimp rely on plants like algae, plankton and phytoplankton, and live or dead animals.

However, if you desire to culture algae and other micro plants in your tank, the first concern should be the lighting.

If you provide adequate lighting, it will react with other compounds like CO2, fertilizers; and start producing the plants. But make sure the water has fewer chemical compounds.

Again, if you desire to culture micro plants in your aquarium within a short time, you can make it. All you need to do is to collect a small portion from a natural reservoir like a pond or lake.

The proper lighting will activate the productive organs of the plants of that small portion. And eventually, your tank will be filled up with algae, plankton and phytoplankton within a concise while.

The short-time method is enormously popular nowadays. But it is better to culture these plants in an empty tank by blending C02 and fertilizers. Before releasing the shrimp in that tank, condition the water with proper oxygen and other elements.

Alternatives To Phytoplankton

The phytoplankton will start expanding if you have a planted tank with proper light. However, it is for sure that those are not adequate for the shrimps in your tank. Some green elements have the same nutritional value as phytoplankton.

Such as:

  • Spinach
  • Nettle
  • Almond plant leaf
  • Cucumber
  • Algae
  • Other non-toxic aquatic plants.


Some queries are circling around the globe and are highly beneficial for the aquarist who is petting different types of shrimp.

Do Cherry Shrimp Eat Phytoplankton?

Any type of shrimp intakes phytoplankton when the one-celled phytoplankton is in a group. Moreover, when shrimp breathes, their inhaling mechanism allows them to swallow phytoplankton due to their microscopic size.

What Does a Shrimp Eat?

Shrimp are excellent animals for all types of water reservoirs, whether ocean or aquarium. They can rely on any kind of food like plants, fish waste, small creatures, dead fishes, etc.

Are Shrimp Related to Plankton?

Yes, shrimp has to rely on the marine botanical parts. Plankton is an organism that lies in the food chain as a server. Eventually, All types of shrimp intake plankton to fill the shortage of nutrition in their body.


In nature, phytoplankton play an essential role in the aquatic zones. And about, do shrimp eat phytoplankton? Certainly, phytoplankton is a vital part of shrimp life and works as a source of enormous nutrients.

Therefore, shrimps intake phytoplankton. Moreover, when a shrimp breathes, their inhaling mechanism allows them to swallow phytoplankton due to their microscopic size.

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