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Hi, this is your friend Clifton Ervin, the founder and chief editor of this site, Aquariumwow. I completed my graduation in marine biology and became an Ichthyologist. One of my favorite hobbies is aquarium keeping; therefore, I love to talk about fish keeping, breeding, food behavior, etc., and much more relevant to aquarium maintenance. I have created this site Aquariumwow, to share my 20 years+ of experience and knowledge with all new to this journey.

What Are The Common Aquarium Driftwood Problems

What Are The Common Aquarium Driftwood Problems?

People just don’t put fish inside their aquariums. Driftwood is just another addition to make the tank more habitat-worthy for the fish. Properly placed driftwood increases the beauty of the aquarium and gives space for the fish to hide. However, some aquarium driftwood problems can be annoying and harmful to your fish. Common problems with …

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